As Chairman of your Board of County Commissioners, Tom Donnelly has worked hard to ensure that Larimer County government remains efficient and responsive to the needs of it's citizens. Whether that means mounting a vigorous response to floods and fires, leading the way on the expansion of I-25, or developing strategies for water storage and conservation to protect local agriculture, Tom Donnelly is promoting regional collaboration to help solve Larimer County's problems today.



Tom Donnelly is proud to have served as a member of the Larimer County Board of Commissioners since 2009.  Tom has represented the people of Larimer County in all arenas, but especially on all transportation related issues during his tenure on the Board. Tom has served as Larimer County's representative on the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization since 2009, including two years as MPO chair. Tom has also represented the County as its representative to the Upper Front Range Transportation Planning Region, serving on TPR executive committee since 2009. Tom previously served on the Colorado Department of

Transportation's Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee.


As a private practice Professional Land Surveyor, Tom served as Larimer County's 25th elected County Surveyor. Tom has lived in Loveland since 2003 and previously served on the City of Loveland Planning Commission. Tom has volunteered with many nonprofit organizations over the years including Habitat for Humanity and as a former Cub Scout den leader.

Tom grew up in rural Kansas and worked with his dad on the family farm.


Tom and his wife Lexy have been married for 18 years and have four kids, Jack,16, Joseph,13, Teddy, 10, and Cate, age 8.



Fiscal Responsibility for Larimer County since 2009


•Tom has championed a plan to expedite the widening of north I-25 by nearly 20 years.


• He enthusiastically supported the County's work to connect bike paths along the front range, including securing funding to extend the Poudre River Trail under I-25.


•Tom is working with community agencies to develop a senior transportation plan.




•The Board was successful in ending a sales tax 6 months early saving taxpayers over $4 million.


• In 2016 Tom issued a $2.5 million property tax credit back to county taxpayers, giving relief to seniors and families in the face of large valuation increases.


•Tom will build a new County building in Loveland for cash to replace a nearly 60 year old existing building.





• The Board has increased rainy day reserves by over 600% since 2008. This allowed the County to respond to the High Park Fire and 2013 Floods quickly, and on multiple fronts, in order to get infrastructure repaired and residents back into their homes faster than other neighboring communities.


• The County has created a vigorous emergency preparedness program to ensure public safety agencies keep running and citizens remain safe during the next disaster.


•Tom continues to aid in the ongoing recovery efforts from the 2013 Floods by working with watershed coalitions and property owners to rehabilitate river corridors.





• Water is the key to preserving Larimer County's agricultural heritage. Tom champions the County's innovative projects for water to be shared between irrigated ag and municipalities which keeps local farms in production, and our agriculture local!

•Tom supports efficient and well-examined water storage projects that will prevent our ag lands from drying up!

•Tom is working to find a solution to allow NISP water to be removed after going through Ft Collins allowing an increased flow through the City while keeping the project viable.




• Larimer County established a Wellness Court in 2015, helping to reduce recidivism of  those with mental illness caught in the judicial system through proper community support and rehabilitation.


•The Commissioners have referred a ballot measure that will build a mental and behavioral health facility, filling the gaps in the current behavioral health system in Larimer County.


•Commissioners have worked with multiple partners to develop Alternatives to Incarceration for Individuals with Mental health needs (AIIM) to provide an alternative to incarceration for mentally ill offenders.




• The commissioners are working to increase the collaborative relationship between agriculture and municipalities, to forge water sharing agreements for the future.


•Tom has created a Housing Affordability working group with broad representation to work for solutions to help make housing options broader and more affordable.


•The Commissioners are lending their voices to the discussion to encourage legislative reform of construction defects regulations.




•Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith

•Larimer County Treasurer Irene Josey

•Larimer County Commissioner District 2 Steve Johnson

•Larimer County Commissioner District 1 Lew Gaiter III

•Rep. Brian DelGrosso

•Rep. B.J. Nikkel

•Former Clerk&ᅠTreasurerr Myrna Rodenberger

•Loveland City Councilman Ward Ward I Troy Krenning

•Larimer County Surveyor Chad Washburn

•Loveland City Councilman Ward III Hugh McKean

•Fort Collins City Councilman Ray Martinez

•Fort Collins City Councilman Gino Campana

•Loveland City Councilman Ward III & Loveland Mayor ProTemᅠ  John H. Fogle

•Colorado State District 15 Senator Kevin Lundberg

•District Attorney Cliff Riedel

•Larimer County Corner Dr. Jim Wilkerson

•Loveland City Councilman Dave Clark





I-25 fixes to improve congestion, economic issues


..."This is great news for congestion relief in northern Colorado,"..."The commissioners realized in early 2015 that local action would be necessary to expedite efforts to expand north I-25. As the first local government to allocate dollars to this effort, I am proud of the leadership this board provided in order to ensure this project will finally be able to get off the ground."

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Flood-damaged County Road 43



..."A lot of times, I think that the perception is typically local governments or governments of all levels either can't work together or won't work together," he said, adding that this is an example of the opposite. He commended the federal and state agencies involved in the project."



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Veterans memorial unveiled in Masonville


..."The commissioners gave the front row seats to the veterans, including two men who served during World War II, Lt. Col. Ralph Papania, 97, and Col. Harold Dale Wolaver, 94.


"I think it's a real honor," said Papania, who served with the U.S. Air Force for 28 years. "All these people here recognizing us, that's something."

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